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Faculty of Physics and Technology (former Faculty of Physics and Math) starts his history in 1940, from the moment when in Stanislawow town the teaching institute was founded. In 2002 the Physical Faculty was established and in 2004 became a part of Institute of Natural Sciences. From the September 2006 it exists as independent chain of the University.

Academical process of the faculty is provided by twelve Doctors of Science, Professors, and 18 Candidates of Sciences, Associated Professors.
At the Faculty there is multifaceted scientific activity. Doctoral and post-graduate specialties of in "Solid State Physics", "Physics and chemistry of surfaces", "Solid State Chemistry", "Physics of colloidal systems," "solid-state electronics" Successfully operate in the FPT. There are specialized councils for doctoral (ch. "Physics and chemistry of surfaces", "Physics of colloidal systems") and master (ch. "Chemistry of solids") theses .
Given the considerable scientific potential, existing physical infrastructure, the need for the development of high-tech research Region, in the preparation of highly qualified specialists with basic sciences, opened in 1999 Research Physical and Chemical Institute was opened. The Institute publishes the international scientific journal "Physics and Chemistry of Solid State", which is included in the list of professional editions of Ukraine of the physical and mathematical, chemical and engineering sciences.
The departments and research units Faculty trained dozens of books, manuals, textbooks, teaching materials for students.
Today the Faculty is equipped with computer classes, modern educational and scientific laboratories, lecture-rooms. The platforms of internship provide professional specialization and employment of graduates.
There is also the part-time physical-mathematical school in the faculty, which helps applicants to prepare for university. Students of the faculty can learn from the state budget or on a contractual basis.
The Institute's training courses are to help applicants to prepare for “ЗНО” and to allow them to apply for the faculty on preferential terms.
Graduate students will have the opportunity to participate in the double master’s diplomas program along with RzeshowUniversity (Republic Poland). In Addition to higher level of the quality of your education, this allows to prepare the specialist able to work in conditions of European labor market. After competing studies in Universities, participant can make his career within the European community. If you will have the desire to return home though, you will bring to your homeland a lot of new and useful - strong knowledge, European way of thinking, the possession of several foreign languages and many business contacts. All this is an excellent base for professional development of young people.

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