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Scientific School of Magnetism and Nanotechnology

 Scientific School was founded in 1977 -1979 on the basis of  Vasyl  Stefanyk Ivano-Frankivsk State Pedagogical Institute.Founder and scientific leader for many years is doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, professor, corresponding member of National Academy of Science of Ukraine Bohdan Ostafiychuk.

 Representatives of  Scientific School:

Ivan  Budzulyak ,  Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor;

Ivan  Gasyuk,  Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor;

Volodymyr Pylypyiv,  Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor;

Volodymyr Kotsiubynskyi,  Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor;

Yaremiy Ivan, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, associate professor;

Vasyl Fedoriv, PhD, associate professor;

Roman Ilnytskyi , PhD, associate professor.


As part of the Scientific  school activities 5 doctoral ("Physics and chemistry of surfaces" and "Physics of colloidal systems" specialties) and 12 PhD ("Physics and chemistry of surfaces" specialty) thesis were defended and certified during last 10 years .

The major aim of the Scientific School working is the development of novel functional material with the specific foreseen properties. Now this work are concentrated under the Science and Educational Centre, which was founded in 2009 under the support of the Civilian Research and Development Foundation (CRDF), the Agency for International Development (USAID) and Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine within the program "Cooperation in the scientific and technical research and education." The scientists of the Scientific School conduct applied researches in the sphere of new materials obtaining and testing for electrochemical power sources. The main directions of investigations – porous carbon materials and composites, electrode materials for lithium power sources based on the Ti, Fe,  Si, Mg, Zn oxides and hydroxides, spinels compounds, LiFePO4 and FeF3. At the same time multifunctional magnetic nanomaterials for ecology, health and electrochemistry are studied. Another branch of the scientific work  - the investigation of the radiation defect formation in thin monocrystal magnetic films,   the questions of crystal structure damages relaxation after the thermal and laser annealing. The global purpose is the working out of condition for the new materials obtaining with controlled morphological, structural and magnetic properties.





Owner: Freik Dmitry, Director of the Physical-Chemical Institute, Honored Worker of Science of Ukraine, Doctor of Chemistry, Professor.

Major areas of research

1.   Nanoscale systems based on semiconductor materials metal chalcogenides II and IV groups.

2.   Investigation of some dynamic and kinetic effects in semiconductor systems lowered dimension.

3.   Quasichemistry description of point defects in the compounds AIVBVI and AIVBVI.

4.   Carrier scattering mechanisms and optimize the electrical properties of films based on lead chalcogenides.

5.   Proper radiation defects and electrical properties of the films AIVBVI.

6.   Thermoelectric properties of crystals and thin films of compounds AIVBVI.

Basic laboratory

1.   Laboratory of growing thin films by hot wall.

2.   Laboratory of growing thin films by open evaporation.

3.   Laboratory study electrical properties of thin films.

4.   Laboratory of X-ray analysis.

5.   Laboratory synthesis of material compounds AIVBVI.

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